Genetic Epidemiology in Homogeneous Population Symposium

We are all distantly related


Friday 12 June 2015

La Cité, Convention Center, Nantes, France


l’institut du thorax organized an international meeting on ”Genetic Epidemiology in Homogeneous Populations” to discuss potential strategies arising from genetic epidemiology in a spectrum of population spanning from founder isolated populations up to apparently open but historically stable rural populations.

A stress was put on use of this resource for pathogenic rare variation discovery.


Why Nantes, why l’institut du thorax?

We are leading “VaCaRMe”, an integrated project aiming at using the genetic characteristics of the French population in Pays de la Loire and Bretagne to identify rare pathogenic variants.


Research teams of l’institut du thorax in Nantes have carried out linkage and genome-wide association studies and started since 2006 analyses of large pedigrees at the size of a village, which will later be called “clan genetics”.


Meeting objective

The objective of this meeting is to gather scientists from all over Europe running similar projects or interested in both methodological and practical approaches revolving around these population structures and their use in gene mapping, in order to provide cutting-edge discussions and foster collaborations.

Scientific comitee

Dr Christian Dina, l’institut du thorax INSERM UMR1087 / CNRS 6291, Nantes, France

Dr Emmanuelle Génin, INSERM U1078 Génétique, Génomique Fonctionnelle et Biotechnologies, Brest, France

Dr Anne-Louise Leutenegger, INSERM U946 "Variabilité génétique et maladies humaines", Paris, France 

Dr Richard Redon, l’institut du thorax INSERM UMR1087 / CNRS 6291, Nantes, France

Dr Serena Sanna, Istituto di Ricerca Genetica e Biomedica – CNR, Cagliari, Italy

Pr Eleftheria Zeggini, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, UK

Download the program
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